I Can Use My Roof Space For Storage, Right?

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I Can Use My Roof Space For Storage, Right?

Can I use my roof space for storage? We’ve all thought about it. Some of us have seen the TV show where the ocka chippie shows us how easy it is to make a storage space in our roof. Seems like an easy DIY project, right?


If you think yes, then you my friend must be related to Captain Risky. Converting the use of your roof space for storage or an attic is well and truly modifying the use of typical ceiling framing in a manner that is hasn’t been designed for.


Your typical ceiling framing, be it conventionally framed joist or the bottom chords of prefabricated timber trusses will have been selected to support your ceiling, lining some insulation, lighting and perhaps some heating/cooling ducting. All told about 15kg per square metre in building materials. On top of this there will have been an allowance of 50kg per square metre for incidental/maintenance type activities. 


If you intend to use the space as a habitable room, then there is a requirement under the Building Code of Australia to increase the allowance for activities to 150kg per square meter – that’s a 300% increase!


If you intend to use the space for storage, then this allowance would be higher still with 300kg per square metre not uncommon.


Apart form the loading considerations there could be other issues which require addressing, such as dust control, natural light and ventilation, and risks associated with storing combustible material in a rarely accessed space.


Can this type of conversion be done? If course! But it will require advice from a Structural Engineer and it will definitely require a Building Permit and advice from a Building Surveyor. We can help with the former and point you in the right direction for the latter!


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