About the company

FC Design is a boutique consulting civil and structural engineering practice specialising in the delivery of premium homes, and high quality commercial buildings.

After more than 16 years as employees with engineering consultancies we embarked on our professional emancipation in 2015.


We wanted to provide the level of service expected from the ‘known’ practices from an office within our home, allowing us to better balance our professional lives with the development of our young family.


FC Design was born.


Practicing from our home office allows for reduced fees when compared to industry without any of the compromise in service which can occur with so called ‘skinny’ fees.


With proven experience across a broad range of buildings, from boutique residential, community and education, sports and recreation to industrial and pharmaceutical FC Design has the experience, resources and capability for the delivery of projects both residential and commercial, of all scales and complexity.

Our relationships with our clients and their chosen consultants are of primary importance. Through fostering of these relationships efficiencies are found in the progress of the project through development, documentation and ultimately delivery.


We work collaboratively to provide the ‘right’ solution for your project, from the macro to the micro. Our experience and experience aids us in developing  that right solution in a time and cost effective manner.


We don’t just want to work with you on your next project. We want to work with you on the rest of your projects! And those of your family, friends and colleagues who have projects of their own. 

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